In the context of custody transfer, accurate measurement of fluid or gas flow is crucial to determine the exact amount of product transferred between parties, which has significant economic implications. The accurate measurement of flow is achieved through the use of various instruments, including temperature and pressure sensors, and orifice plates.

The volume of fluid or gas transferred is determined by calculating the product of the flow rate and the time taken for the transfer. Even small measurement errors can have a substantial financial impact on the parties involved. For example, a 0.1% error in flow measurement on a large-diameter pipeline can result in significant losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars per day.

To ensure accurate measurement, it is essential to have reliable and well-maintained instrumentation. If a significant measurement error is detected, all the products that has been transferred since the last calibration must be recalculated, which can result in significant delays and disputes between parties.

In summary, the importance of accuracy in custody transfer cannot be overstated, as it has significant economic implications for both parties involved. Accurate measurements can only be achieved through the use of reliable and well-maintained instrumentation.