Challenges in Adopting New Technologies in Metering Systems

The technical panel of “Challenges in Adopting New Technologies in Metering Systems” discusses the challenges faced when adopting new technologies in metering systems, focusing on three key sub-topics: overcoming barriers to implementation, addressing cybersecurity concerns, and ensuring compatibility and integration with existing infrastructure. It includes the topics:

1. Overcoming barriers to implementation

Key challenges include high upfront costs, lack of expertise, and resistance to change. Strategies to overcome these barriers involve promoting long-term benefits, offering training and resources, and encouraging pilot projects.

2. Addressing cybersecurity concerns

As metering systems become more connected, cybersecurity risks increase. Addressing these concerns requires implementing strong security measures, following industry best practices, and raising awareness about potential threats.

3. Ensuring compatibility and integration with existing infrastructure

To successfully adopt new metering technologies, compatibility with current systems must be ensured. This involves evaluating system requirements, designing scalable solutions, and planning for gradual integration or upgrades.