The technical panel explores the latest advancements and innovations in metering technologies, focusing on three key sub-topics: novel ultrasonic flow meter designs, advances in non-intrusive flow measurement techniques, and the digital transformation of metering systems through the use of IoT. Here are three key topics related to this panel:

1: Novel ultrasonic flow meter designs

Innovations in ultrasonic flow meter designs have led to improved accuracy, reliability, and durability. Examples include multi-path meters for increased accuracy, clamp-on meters for non-invasive installation, and adaptive signal processing for enhanced measurement in challenging conditions.

2: Advances in non-intrusive flow measurement techniques

Non-intrusive flow measurement techniques offer accurate flow measurements without physical interaction with the fluid. Recent advances include optical flow measurement using lasers, microwave-based methods for non-invasive installations, and passive acoustic monitoring to determine flow rates and detect anomalies.

3: Digital Transformation and IoT in metering systems

IoT integration in metering systems has revolutionized data collection, analysis, and management. Benefits of IoT-enabled metering systems include real-time monitoring and data analysis, remote diagnostics and maintenance, and advanced data analytics through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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