The last day of the event is all about celebrating the best and brightest.

We are delighted to announce the award ceremony for the best article, best technology, and best R&D Company of CTMC. These awards will be chosen by the awards jury. We will also give out a special award to the person who has contributed the most to this event.

The biggest event in the field of Oil and Gas in IRAQ.

The event aims to provide a platform for networking among stakeholders, sharing best practices, identifying new business opportunities and forming collaborations with potential partners

CTMC Awards present all participants with an opportunity to show their commitment to recognizing and supporting excellence and innovation in the industry. Maximize brand exposure and capitalize on the Awards and its captive audience of prominent VIPs, and government and business leaders.

The Oil and Gas Inclusion and Diversity Company of the Year Award has been developed to recognize a company for their contribution to promoting, delivering, and embedding inclusion and diversity into their business strategy-creating an equal, diverse and inclusive environment for all in their organization.


If you are a company that is interested in the latest innovations in metering, then this intensive three-day program is for you. 

You will gather new technology innovation ideas and create new connections within the metering community.

You will learn about the latest innovations in metering. You can expect to hear from leaders in this field who will share their knowledge and experiences with you.

This program is an excellent opportunity for professionals to meet people in their field, network with their peers, and discuss new ideas.


The city of Erbil is a prime location for a custody transfer and metering conference. It’s a place where you can feel at home, relax, and enjoy yourself.

Erbil is in northern Iraq—a region that has been at war for many years, but the city itself has remained one of the safest places in the middle east to visit.

For those who want to take advantage of the luxuries that Erbil offers, there are plenty of options within an hour’s radius by car or bus.