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All you need to do is browse through the list of topics that interest you, select one or more topics and provide us with a title and abstract of your topic(s), then we will take care of the rest! More than one hundred companies and international brands will be participating in this year’s event, including Honeywell, ABB, Baker Hughes, PetroWeld and Citadel Engineering Company. We invite you to join us in Erbil and experience first-hand the innovative solutions that we have to offer!


The effects of the Russia-Ukraine war on supply chain

Regulatory rules on UAE standardisation

Addressing The Risks And Opportunities Of Middle East

Business Sustainability In Middle East

Gas Export and Difficulties

International Oil Companies Impact on Standardization Process

The outlook on Region’s energy sector development, Strengths, and weaknesses.


Innovation and examples of innovative technologies in Metering

Challenges in adopting new technologies in Metering Systems

Fiscal Flow Measurement in the Real World

Full Insight into Coriolis Flow Meters

The Influence of Time Delays on Certain Systems

Chromatographs and Gas Metering Systems

Proving Systems, Indirect, Master Meter, Volume