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ABB Measurement & Analytics


ABB offers a world-leading, full scope, digitally enabled portfolio of measurement and analytics products and systems. Our highly accurate and reliable solutions optimize measurement to deliver improved efficiency for your operations – whatever the industry.
We make instrumentation and analyzer technology, selection, purchasing, installation, operation and ownership easy – to allow you to deliver better business outcomes. Measurement made easy.

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ABB Measurement & Analytics – Instrumentation and Analyzer Technology


Oil & Gas Systems Limited (OGS)

Oil & Gas Systems Limited (OGS) is a specialist engineering company focused on fiscal metering (custody transfer and allocation metering) of crude oil, natural and liquefied gas, hydrogen, light hydrocarbons, and refined products. OGS’ expertise in fiscal metering is deep rooted. Its traceability starts from the national metrological standard and finishes with the field-installed flowmeters and instrumentation. This expertise covers the design of the system, type of meters, equipment, and field instrumentation products.

Since its foundation in 1989, OGS has delivered over 950 fiscal metering systems, among over three thousand projects, developed and patented helical turbine and ultrasonic flow meters, several types of pipe provers, Pyknometers, automatic grab samplers, flow computers and control systems, as well as calibration units for liquid metering systems and for in-line analysers.

OGS operates in-house calibration and test facilities for crude oil metering, including flow, density, viscosity, pressure, temperature, and water-cut calibration laboratories.

By having designed, built, and continually operating its own 3,200 m3/hour versatile flow calibration facility on real hydrocarbons, which is certified as the State Flow Measurement Reference Standard, OGS acquired unprecedented advantages in developing new flow calibration techniques and equipment and as well as guaranteeing that the clients get the best value for their investment.

This is where OGS commitments and strengths are prominently demonstrated. This is the hard-earned knowledge OGS is prepared to share.

OGS primary product groups are:

  • Metering – Liquid and gas metering (fiscal, custody transfer and allocation), sampling & analysis and prover systems
  • Process – Fuel gas conditioning and gas compression systems.
  • Liquid Meters – multi-beam ultrasonic flow & helical blade turbine flow meters
  • Liquid Automatic Sampling – SmartMix® Sampling System
  • Sampling Equipment – samplers, sample receivers, weigh scales and accessories
  • Engineering Services – Conceptual, front end and detailed design engineering for packages within our core product range; on-site equipment surveys/audits
  • After Sales Services – Site supervision of installation and commissioning, training, service & support contracts, and spares management

OGS bespoke engineered systems are produced in accordance with client specifications and local/international standards. OGS’ expert team is focused on providing the highest quality whilst ensuring reliably managed delivery schedules and accurate, timely documentation. OGS’ Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/TS 29001:2020 standard. Our Health & Safety Management System is certified to ISO 45001:2018 standard.


Engineering solutions for today. Consultancy services for a better tomorrow.
Kelton is the energy industry’s consultancy partner.

Our priority is to maximise the value and efficiency of our clients’ energy assets – from concept to operation and beyond.

We do this by working closely with our clients to truly understand their operations, and their needs. 

Only then can we provide the right engineering solution to optimise their energy operations, today; or deliver the best-practice guidance and consultancy services to support their journey towards a smarter, more efficient, and greener tomorrow.

It’s our people that make the difference – delivering world-leading solutions with the flexibility, integrity, and customer service you expect from a family-owned business.

That’s why Kelton is the trusted consultancy partner for some of the biggest names in the energy industry.

Since 1991, Kelton has provided consultancy services for some of the biggest names in the oil and gas industry – including both international and national oil companies – to ensure their full flow measurement compliance with industry regulations.

Having completed over 2,500 audits and trained more than 5,000 flow measurement professionals, Kelton has earned a worldwide reputation for the provision of outstanding flow measurement consultancy, independent audit, and training services.

Drawing upon our vast experience, Kelton has further developed a range of expert software solutions to support the design, operation, and management of your flow measurement system.

What we do:

Energy consultancy services: Engineering solutions to meet your challenges today. Consultancy services for a smarter, more efficient, and greener tomorrow.

  • Remote monitoring and audit: Effective. Efficient. Benefit from the Kelton experience wherever you, or your assets, are around the world.
  • Measurement system audits: Delivering measurement excellence: system assurance and certified compliance from the measurement experts.
  • Measurement software solutions: Simplifying complexity: best-in-class software solutions so you can always be certain about your uncertainty.
  • Flow measurement training: From best practice operator training to CPD certified flow measurement training, you can benefit from the Kelton experience

NEXT Engineering Equipments Trading

Established in 2011, NEXT Engineering Equipments Trading (NEXT) has become a leading and approved supplier of equipment, technology and services to the MENA energy value chain.

NEXT represents a key selection of world leading manufacturers and service companies. Our clients in Middle East are provided with comprehensive specialized engineering support from our local team to supplement and enhance the links with our suppliers. This close support keeps both our partners and NEXT ahead of the competition.

NEXT’s solutions help clients across the energy value chain achieve operational excellence by enhancing safety, increasing efficiency, reliability and profitability. Combined with our deep knowledge of energy industry landscape and developments, pro-active marketing strategies and credible relationships, we maximize all stakeholder opportunities.


Experts in custody transfer metering as well as natural and liquid gas analysis

Meci, a subsidiary of EES-Clemessy, part of the Eiffage Énergie Systèmes division, combines its expertise and dynamism to play a part in the success of your projects.

As experts in custody transfer metering solutions for gases and liquids, Meci supports you to define, implement or renovate your measuring, analysis, remote-operation and supervision systems.
With its wealth of know-how and continuous innovation efforts, Meci is a recognized player in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of oil and gas operations, as well as in industry.

Meci develops turnkey solutions at all stages of oil and gas development:

  • Onshore and offshore production
  • Receiving and shipping in refineries, storage and distillery facilities
  • Transportation and distribution by pipeline, boats, wagons, trucks
  • Oil depots
  • Loading boats, trucks, wagons